Fast Prototyping LabInverter

The ENASYS LabInverter FP is intended to be applied as a fast protoyping platform for power electronics applications in the 5 kVA to 300 kVA range. It can be utilized as a 1- or 3-phase voltage source which is freely programmable by the user. The inverter is programmed using a conventional PC with a real time operating system, e.g. LabView Real Time.

The inverter itself consists of a conventional VSI and a special ENASYS control board. This control board utilizes a microcontroller and a FPGA. The microcontroller is used for auxiliary control and safety (start-up, overcurrent and overvoltage protection functions).

The user doesn‘t need any knowledge about C or assembler programming. The modulation and control of the entire process (e.g. field oriented control for a drive, harmonic filtering) is done by using the real time PC and the graphical programming tool NI LabView. The user is able to program the system within one day in order to provide three independant voltage sources with configurable waveforms like those shown in figure 1. The system architecture is shown in figure 2.

Configurable Waveforms

Figure 1: Configurable Waveforms

Systemarchitecture ENASYS LabInverter FP

Figure 2: System Architecture LabInverter FP

Sample Application - Model of a Railway Intertie

ENASYS Railway Intertie

One application ENASYS has realized for a customer is a downscale model of a railway intertie. The customer wanted to do advanced research in the field of control algorithms for system management of the grid and power flow control. Using the ENASYS LabInverter FP, the customer can do his high level test and research without in depth knowledge of power electronics.

Input Voltage 3-phase 400 V
Nominal Power 10 kVA
Cos Phi (grid) 1
Switching Frequency 3 kHz
Output Voltage 0 - 400 V
Output Current 0 - 50 A
Switching Frequency Bis zu 6 kHz
Hardware Protection
DC-Link Overvoltage 800 V
Output Overcurrent 100 A
Thermal I²t
Modulations Sine-Triangle
Waveforms Custom (MATLAB Import)
PLL Software
See datasheet